Amy Ilyes, Vice President

With Penske Since 1995

I began my career with a company that was acquired by Penske in 1995—I was a project manager at the time. We were immediately made to feel like part of the Penske family. I quickly found that the people you work with here are not just business associates—they become friends. Five years later, I was promoted to director of logistics engineering, and in 2005, I assumed the position of vice president of logistics engineering.

At Penske, we are driven to excel, to succeed, to do the very best that we can for our customers. I practice my passions here: collaborating with others, bringing talented people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and geographies together to solve customer problems and design solutions. We really strive to make associates feel like their opinions are valued and appreciated. It's very important to us that we all succeed together. It's the culture of the organization.

Traditionally there are not a lot of females in the trucking and logistics industries, especially in my area of expertise—engineering and mathematics. Last year at corporate headquarters, we created the Penske Women's Network to encourage personal growth and development among female associates. I am helping to establish a chapter at the Penske office in Cleveland, Ohio, which is very exciting for all of us.

We make a difference for our customers, for our company, for the logistics and transportation industry, and for our world-wide community. I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a good company.

Amy is a self-described fitness enthusiast and enjoys international travel.

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Amy Ilyes

Amy Ilyes,
Vice President of Logistics Engineering With Penske Since 1995

"It's very important to us that we all succeed together."